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The perfect woman?

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I remember her, she was a bit of a babe. No idea what her name was though.


From the same era, I always had a big crush on one of the singers from The Bangles...




Oh man, I used to love Sussana Hoffs!

She's still pretty hot these days.

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I have been around a lot and been to many places and worked in some pretty good locations...Gold Coast,Brisbane,Sydney,Hamilton Island,Antibes (France) and seen some real good sorts, but today I briefly chatted with Sally Fitzgibbons (the surfer) and she is definitely in the best 1% of females. She can rip her shoes off and place them under my bed and wrap her unshod feet over my shoulders and have her legs splayed akimbo over my shoulders also. What got me is ,she is quite a big unit...relatively tall...not a giant but not the dainty little thing she looks like carving up the waves. I would not kick her out of bed for dropping her guts and I would be happy to use her shit as toothpaste the next morning.


It really surprises me that she is on with Trent Merrin because being a NSWelshman he would have no balls and a very soft cock, so she would be very disappointed in his "skills"...and he is a FARKIN UGLY BASTARD as well.

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