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Saint Peter

Top 6 anticipated games for 2014

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Interested to know what games you're excited about for this year

For myself :


Round 1 Tigers. Hated going down to their team at the end of last year and would love to start the year off strong


Round 4 Broncos. Always a good arm wrestle match against the donkeys


Round 6 Storm. Keen to see Gareth up against his old team


Round 13 Sharks. A historical streak broken last year I'd like to see renewed


Round 14 Panthers. Gave us a couple of spankings last year plus Jaimies on board


Round 23 Raiders. Something's gotta give and my boss is a raiders fan  :P

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The games I usually get the most hyped for:


Rounds 14 & 23 - vs Canterbury. In the last 15 years I have missed going to an Eels/Bulldogs match only once. We haven't had the best record against them recently, but I just hate that scum club with an absolute passion that every meeting becomes the battle of the year. I get more geared up for those games than I do for Origin (yeah that's right Lewis - I said it).


Round 7 - vs Wests. As a former Campbelltown boy, I have quite a few friends who are Tigers supporters. It is always good to get the banter going between us and we always have fun with it. As there is only one game between the two clubs this year we will have to make the most of it. When this game is held at Parra Stadium it is normally a sell-out (or close to it). Hopefully this means a very large crowd at ANZ for this match up. Usually the games between the two clubs are pretty exciting.


Round 2 - vs Sydney. I am under no allusions here - we are going to get flogged. But I am looking forward to this game for the simple fact that we are going to this game for my brother's bucks night, so I'm expecting to have a great time either way.


Round 10 - vs St George Illawarra. I love the games against the Dragons. There have been some great ones through the years, both wins and losses (I remember standing on the hill getting absolutely soaked and not being able to feel my fingers watching my team end up losing 8-1 in an unbelievably weird game...also that classic encounter at Kogarah in 2005 when we went down by 3 points). And just as with the Tigers, I have quite a few friends who are Dragons fans which adds to the fun.


Round 22 - vs Canberra. Because f**k Ricky Stuart...that's why.



And of course Origin is always a good time of year.

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I know what you mean mate, I broke out my Saints jersey watching the cricket the other day. 


I've had the NFL to keep me occupied throughout the off-season.

Superbowl next week (Go Broncos!)

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I'm not looking forward to any specific games this year. I'm sticking to my story that this is a rebuilding year at the Tigers.


I had some very pleasant afternoons at Kogarah back in the 80s. It's a great ground for fans.

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