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Mr Fourex

World Cup

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On 7/14/2018 at 6:26 PM, sydgeoff said:

I wanted the Poms to win...The poor cunts have suffered enough. My sister is in England now so it would have been good for her to see the excitement however it was not to be.


I've got quite a few British mates, and my partner is half British as well. Had to pretend to be supporting the Poms just to jeep up appearances to them.

Inside though, I was laughing it up.

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Interesting stuff over at the soccer camp.

Matildas coach Allen Stajcic sacked, despite good support from players and being well on track for Women’s World Cup.

Talk that he was up against it from the start with several female organisers and ex players not happy with his initial appointment and out to get him, despite his success with getting results, and having all players backing him.


You never want to cross a scorned woman weilding power.

Well accepted that women generally resort to psychological means to harm people, while men are more up front in confrontations.

Underhanded viscous attacks and then denials. Poor bastard.

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Seems a bit harsh if he was getting good results and was well liked by the players.

I fucking hate people who go out to ruin a good thing simply to suit their agenda. Jesus, it's been happening at Parramatta for the past decade.

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