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Players Behaving Badly

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1 hour ago, Diddee said:


Not picking you up on anything, chances are that if this is his behaviour in public, imagine what it might be like behind closed doors.

And yes, the kids are the poor bastards in this.


I thought police could issue an order even if the victim refused.

Still pretty bad that not one person in the outraged world is saying it is a criminal offence that should be referred to police.

Poor voiceless, invisible kids.

Pretty sure it has been referred to the police and they are investigating.

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Lots of media around NRL ‘off season from hell’.

Seems to me, the main people promoting this idea are the media and the NRL itself.

How Greenberg isn’t charged with damaging the game, I’ll never know.

All of his big talk is dragging the NRL through the gutter, when he should be promoting a more balanced view.

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On ‎2‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 8:50 PM, Mr Fourex said:

Poor old Ben ...forced to drive trucks to pay the bills.



Yeah, the poor cunt!

If you or I had his record of drugs and abuse of women, I bet we wouldn't even have a job driving trucks.


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