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2019 NRL Predictions

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Tough one to call this year.


Most punters expecting big things from Cleary’s Panthers, Bennett’s Rabbitohs, Seibold’s Broncos, Hasler’s Sea Eagles and Brown’s Knights.

To a lesser extent, people are expecting McGuire to lift the Tigers.


Dragons expected to be strong again, although off-field drams could impact them and the Panthers.


Rooters being talked up just like every premiership winner for the last decade - ‘the team that can win back to back’.


I think most agree that the Storm will be up against it this year and even top 8 is no guarantee.


Sharks also seem on the wrong end of a good run.


So, playing it fairly safe, I’ll go with the following:


1. Rabbitohs

2. Roosters

3. Dragons

4. Broncos

5. Knights

6. Cowboys

7. Panthers

8. Eels

9. Storm

10. Sharks

11. Titans

12. Warriors

13. Tigers

14. Raiders

15. Sea Eagles 

16. Bulldogs


State of Origin: NSW

MOTS: James Maloney


First Coach Sacked: Ricky Stuart


Clive Churchill Medalist: Greg Inglis





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1. Roosters

2. Broncos

3. Souths

4. Storm

5. Sharks

6. Knights

7. Panthers

8.  Dragons

9. Raiders

10. Cowboys

11. Manly

12. Tigers

13. Warriors

14. Titans

15. Bulldogs

16. Eels


State of Origin: NSW

MOTS: James Tedesco


First Coach Sacked: Brad Arthur


Clive Churchill Medalist: Latrell Mitchell






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Top 4 will probably consist of Roosters, Storm, Souths and Panthers.

Bottom 4 will probably consist of Bulldogs, Wests, Titans and Warriors.


The rest will be fighting it out for the remaining spots.


As for first coach sacked, the easy answer is Brad Arthur. I will throw in a dark horse though and go Steve Kearney.

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