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RL Pub Trivia

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Off season game that ends at the start of NRL Round 1 2018.

Grand Final winner will be whoever leads the table at kick off time in that first game.


RL trivia questions.

We keep a league table with 2 pts for a correct answer, 0 for incorrect or beaten to the punch. Points = beers.

You just have to try and get in quick.

Person who answers correctly gets the job of posting the next question.

Honesty system, try not to google everything you cunts.


I’ll start. 


Q: In NSWRL or NRL first grade competition, who has kicked the most field goals in their career?

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Simms kicked 5 in one game. We might think of Jamie Soward as a big FG kicker but he only averaged 3 per year. Even Neil Baker (Doggies and Souths) kicked more than Soward. Back in 1986 Baker was probably the last player to kick 3 FGs in a match. (Pretty odd match. Bunnies beat Canberra 10-8 and there was only 1 try. Meninga kicked 4 penalties and Souths got one converted try and 4 FGs.)

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                           Played.     W.      L.            PTS

Fourex.                   1.           1.      0.             2

Farmduck.             1            0       1              0  



Okay, Fourex’s turn to ask the question.


Eric Simms kicked 86 field goals for Souths between ‘65 and ‘75. 

He did kick 5 field goals in a match and also kicked a record 11 goals in a match, not once but twice.


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