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  1. Don't wank on if you're a cock. You're only gonna blow your wad.
  2. So that's the best you got Fourex? No wonder this site has gone nowhere fast.
  3. Any team worth their salt would've ridden that draw into the finals. No wonder they sacked Stone. Gidley's gone and now Roberts to make way forHodkinson. And then they go and sign another has been forward in Lowrie.
  4. A few of you old farts will be dusting the cobwebs off your knobs posting these photos.
  5. What was that spoons? A comeback?
  6. Really? You listen to Natural Woman while doing that?
  7. A push for the Ipswich Jets to be the next NRL team. http://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-fans-survey-where-should-the-next-expansion-team-be-located/story-fndujljl-1227487382059
  8. Tyrone Roberts to leave Knights and sign with Tits for 2016 on.
  9. In hindsight FD, just shows how fuckin bad the Knights have been. Send in the spoon. Bandwagon?
  10. Well she's only with him coz she told me "Hurry, do it 'Greek'. Kyrigos overheard her and thought she said she wanted to "Marry a Greek".
  11. 'sright. I can afford your lemonade Fourex. No need to shout back. Monday night drinks. I say cheers to Benji Marshall for succeeding in making another NRL team a one man attack, then getting injured at key points in the season.
  12. Yeah Spoons, I think you got 3 of the top 4, but only 4 of the top 8. Swap the Broncs ( your 5th) with the Panthers and you've tipped the top 4. I think the Broncs get the gong as biggest improvers.
  13. Remember Rafter in the final at Wimbledon against that massive Russian guy. Great match and although Rafter lost, he showed more class in one match than Tomic and Kyrgios will likely muster in their whole yet to emerge scummy careers.
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