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  1. Oh absolutely, I'm not happy he did it at all and I can understand the club having the shits. I guess I was more happy that, whilst he had too many, he didn't go completely batshit like in the past
  2. Could not be arsed quoting 3 posts haha so I'll deal with the top first. Absolutely, while he is a game breaker his defence if you pay attention is often terrible and he's really guilty of fading in and out of games. RE leaving him on the field though, we have struggled to construct tries for the past couple of seasons and most of them have come from individual brilliance from Oates, Roberts and a few others. I'm hoping this will change under Seibold but he has a few issues to sort out. That's for another thread though. Staggs is an out and out football player. I would retain him above Roberts, that's how much I like him. There's rumours that he's being groomed as a 9...which would solve one of Seibolds issues IMO. Seymour...and so it should. She shouldn't be able to just come out and say "he hit me" and everyone jumps on board because of his sketchy past. Alcohol problems 100%. Gambling, more than likely. Neither of those is illegal though. I actually know people who are very close to him but don't know whether to believe what they're telling me because obviously it will be skewed. Did have to laugh at the news headline...."Broncos star" Cunt hasn't played for us in over a decade, has played for and had more success at 3 other clubs but hey...Broncos star. Fuck off Weidler you flog cunt
  3. We've got a good one in Staggs imo so while Roberts isn't exactly surplus, he's a game breaker, I wouldn't mind too much if he was moved on. That said, this incident is pretty different to his past indiscretions. Private party where he drank too much and passed out. Didn't assault anyone, no issue with the police etc. like in the past. He seems to have fallen off the wagon, he's clearly an alcoholic. People like that need help, not to be booted to the curb. I'm trying to make my mind up about the photo tbh. Was it a shit cunt trying to make a buck or a concerned friend that thought he needed to see the state he'd allowed to get himself in? To be clear, I'm not happy about the circumstances especially considering the loss to the Dragons a day or so prior.
  4. Fuck he's a thick cunt. Deactivated Twitter after this I believe
  5. I don't know that it would work but I'd love a 2 conference system tbh. The game doesn't really have a big enough coverage I don't think.
  6. TBH, they may have missed the boat with WA when the Union club over there folded. They have a fairly strong in Perth though and I think it would do well. Ideally you'd want a team on the Central coast or Central QLD IMO...but does CQ have facilities? A second Brisbane team, rightly or wrongly, is a given I think.
  7. I thought Bird was reasonable for us tbh and he gets a bit of time to find his groove given how little footy he's played. On the whole I saw some good signs for the Bronocs. The Storm, as they do, just came out and played like we were half way through the season. That game looked extremely fast to me. Lodge was immense. I can see us starting to have Jake Turpin on the bench in the coming weeks, to up the tempo of the game because Macca just isn't up to it. The spoon is the Canterbury's to lose IMO...granted that's without seeing the teams today play. People are getting a little carried away with the Chooks and Bunnies game for mine, lots of things went Souths way in that game and the Chooks just gave away too much possession. For all his talent, Mitchell is just a flog. There's no need to rub your elbow into players heads after they've scored a try...the play is over, you didn't stop him, let it go. That was just one of a number of times he did that the other night, went on with it after the play was done. Pull your head in. Cody Walker is a fuckwit, pure and simple. I think a lot has been made of the Cows performance as well but a lot of that has to be put down to JT13. 300+ meters and about 15 tackles. Just goes to show how much you need to wear him out with defence so he's not as effective in attack. Without his runs it's a much tighter contest.
  8. Realistically relocation is the only way expansion is going to happen under this current administration, although I don't agree with it. Should definitely be a new entity no matter where they go...but no way in hell is this current group going to make the tough call. Two teams from Sydney need to go to start with and their licenses given to Perth and another bid, likely Brisbane. How it's determined is a tough one but I think being able to stand on your own two feet is a big one. How many ticketed members you have should also be a factor.
  9. She's been with him since high school and it's clearly been going on for a while. She likely doesn't know any different and thinks it's normal...hence her using the phrase "It's a private matter". She could also be an utter cunt behind closed doors and belt the shit out of Ben on the regular. I don't think this is about Money
  10. Cows had no choice tbh. Apparently there's heaps of footage of it. The Dogs covered it up and apparently so did the Sharks. About time this little cunt got what was coming to him. Should be in jail
  11. Ben Barba sacked officially. Roosters to pick him up at bargain price and redeem him. Heard it here first
  12. Harry Sack


    Labor will absolutely romp this next election in.
  13. Can't see them banning him though, unless the chick comes forward and makes a complaint.
  14. Depends entirely on what's actually happened here. By all accounts, the twit shared it in a snap chat group himself. Make all the movies you want, but don't be surprised when they see the light of day because you were stupid enough to share them. I can't see them banning him though tbh. It looks a completely consensual act, the most they could do is fine him for bringing the game into disrepute IMO.
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