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  1. Noddee


    Some of us have. Some only hear what they want to hear.
  2. He was propped up by bennett for so long. He was ordinary at best- certainly not a leader.
  3. You seem to only like a certain sense of humour- anti anyone unless they are a white male.
  4. You know what I meant. Proof of the clause. Don't matter now- he gone.
  5. We can't all have a sense of humour can we?
  6. Sounds like you have no idea - because they would be better meals than our homeless, vets and pensioners are getting.
  7. Because I'm not an arsehole criminal.
  8. I know three blokes who went in and when they got out committed crimes again because life was too easy on the inside. Fair enough it was only the bullshit jail farms- but that is where the vegans were going. The one I knew reasonably well lived with two other blokes in an airconned room, with a tv, a radio, microwave, toaster. Got to go with his girlfriend on unsupervised trips in the countryside around Rathdowney. Got to play footy on Saturdays ( that is how I found out he had been locked up fronted up to play for them and was halfback for the Rathdowney side). Got what drugs he wanted, grog. When I asked his sister who I worked with how he was going she said he got out he went out and did over the same shop which he originally got done for just to get back inside.
  9. I think I know your mate Rodney's daughter - Tracey.
  10. Couldn't cheat the cap as well as the roosters?
  11. I don't have aircon in my room at home- my kids don't have aircon in their classrooms at school, I don't get three fucking free meals a day. I don't have access to a gym for free. I don't get to go on picnics with my partner for the day , because I have to fucking work!! I don't get free access to a computer or study- I , the one doing the fucking the right thing have to pay for all of this. So do you really think it is rubbish?
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