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  1. I don't have aircon in my room at home- my kids don't have aircon in their classrooms at school, I don't get three fucking free meals a day. I don't have access to a gym for free. I don't get to go on picnics with my partner for the day , because I have to fucking work!! I don't get free access to a computer or study- I , the one doing the fucking the right thing have to pay for all of this. So do you really think it is rubbish?
  2. Him and fucking paul k*nt should both fuck off. Do nothing but try to drag the game into the gutter- slimeball "journos" at best.
  3. The cunts will get served whatever they fucking want - they have more rights in prison than we do outside.
  4. death penalty to good for cunts like this.
  5. You borrowed 50 off each of you parents? I don't give a fuck what you paid for your shirt- you owe your parents 50 each you cheap cunt.
  6. Cull or relocate you lose supporters. New club needs supporters- won't happen in perth or Adelaide or whatever non rugby league environment you choose. and won't happen for a relocated club.
  7. Bit of a cunt?? The man doesn't give a fuck about anyone but himself.
  8. Noddee

    Rest in Pieces NRL

    So considering rugby league has so many players and comps- the few wankas that are doing the wrong thing are going to stop you following rugby league? NRL is not the be all and end all- get off your arse and go and watch some local footy.
  9. Met John at at quite a few functions when I was involved in hospitality- was a top bloke and a good mate of a mate. Funny bastard. Loved the way he played his footy. Was also at a function yesterday and Greg Oliphant, Dessie and Rod Morris and Geoff Naylor all spoke very highly of him. A loveable rogue was the gyst I got. RIP John Payne.
  10. Yeah, the poor cunt! If you or I had his record of drugs and abuse of women, I bet we wouldn't even have a job driving trucks.
  11. Noddee


    Considering Gallen sucker punched him and still couldn't knock him I don't think it really helped. Would be good to see gallen fight an actual boxer who is not a hasbeen or a setup.
  12. Noddee


    Hope they both punch the fuck out of each other and they call it a draw - gallen gets injured and can't play and hopoate fucks off never to be heard of again.
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