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  1. I enjoyed it more than i thought I would. Highlights were Keary's game, Melbournes inability to get at Cronk, Munster being sent, then showing what a fucking grub he is and being sent again, Slater being called on his bullshit dive live and in slow mo, and the Storm losing.
  2. The butt hurt runs deep, Good to see.
  3. Get that tent ready mate. The cream always rises to the top.
  4. Nah. but I see that you have already given up on this whole "gracious in defeat" pretense. Speaking of captains, it's kinda weird how a captain from NSW still lost, despite NSW winning the series.
  5. Oh lookey. Diddee has a comeback How cute.
  6. What mate? Did I interrupt the flow of the conversation you've been having with yourself?
  7. Yes, I did pop in to Gloat. Get a dog up ya!
  8. Why? It's not like I haven't had to listen to a decade or so of shit from you cunts. Now of course, you lost and pull the old "gracious in defeat" claptrap. Anyways, I've been "gracious in defeat" enough, so if you don't mind, I'd rather make an arse cunt of myself as a winner. So suck it up ya fuckin bunch of two headed cunts!
  9. You still fired up mate? He he.
  10. Save for a coupla of moments, the whole seasons been an embarrassment thus far.
  11. If Freddy wants to outscore Queensland he'll go for Mitchell. If he wants to contain them, he'll look elsewhere. I reckon fuck trying to contain them, fight fire with fire.
  12. Rugby league viewing public....... 0
  13. Same, The whole NRL digital look sucks balls, seems like the cunt who designed it has only ever used his phone for web browsing.
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