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  1. I have to feel sorry for this cunt...he scored a few tries today and gets dropped from the Origin team. NSW brand of loyalty. Also Cody Walker has got the Nathan Merritt treatment...massive build up , plays an average game then dumped.
  2. Is that the best you can come up with?
  3. What a coincidence ! The last school fires that have happened in Brisbane in the last few years that I have heard of have been at Morningside SS and Upper Mt Gravatt SS...I have not heard of any other recent ones. My mother went to Morningside and my father went to Upper Mt Gravatt. My cunt ex-wife also went to Upper Mt Gravatt as well.
  4. So who is the NSW player involved in the sex tape scandal now?
  5. sydgeoff


    Fuck that Bill Shorten is nuts. He is now blaming everyone from Clive Palmer to Newscorp to Billy Harrigan to Eddie the Eagle to Ossie Ostrich etc for the election loss. The cunt claims that vested interests (Palmer and Newscorp)were too much to compete with . Doesn't he realise that Labor has had the Union movement backing them with members funds for years, and Getup backing his supporting allies in the Greens. The cunt is mad. BILL SHORTEN...you lost the election because NO-ONE trusted YOU !! He claimed he had a united team going in to the election, now all the cunts are back biting each other. Just fuck off Shorten and let Albanese get on with trying to give the country a viable opposition. It would be a good idea if Albanese got rid of Bowen as well...that cunt is at best incompetent and at worst a fruitcake.
  6. Roberts always wanted to wear the red and green again, and his wish came true when he played for Wynnum Manly last weekend. He now downgrades to Souths.
  7. 100000% real story....except that he did not have a handlebar moustache.
  8. No...not me, but it was my mate on Hamilton Island who was a real pool cleaner and fucked a certain freckly redhead while she was shooting Dead Calm up there at the time.
  9. sydgeoff


    I have seen nothing in the media at all.
  10. I saw two movies on the plane on Monday. ..Green Book which was good, and also The Shape of Water which wasted two hours of my life. Who makes a movie where the scarey monster escapes from captivity, then a few scenes later he is watching Mr Ed on TV then another few scenes later is watching fucking Gilligans Island on TV, then another few scenes later he fucks the female star. Total fucking mishmash of a movie.
  11. We all saw that one coming.
  12. As did Trent Hodgkinson a few years before he played Origin for NSW .
  13. sydgeoff


    Ten days after the election and no one has seen or heard from Richard de Natali.
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