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  1. I disagree also...the game is dying and I cannot see any new teams particularly reallocated ones winning any new fans at all.
  2. Everyone that I have spoken to says this version (the third, I believe) has told me that it is shithouse. I agree that "Eagle the eagle" was pretty good. I tend to enjoy English movies much more than the Hollywood stuff...the Pommie ones seem to have better acting and story lines.
  3. sydgeoff


    Mostly to the players and the leeches called player managers.
  4. I wonder what the reason is behind the Smith / Cronk fued? There is no way that it would be just about Cronk wanting to go for Melbourne to Sydney...there must be more to it than that.
  5. Would there be the same outrage if a Muslim player ...eg Hazem El Masri. ..expressed his thoughts?
  6. Souths can have both of them...both of them have been shithouse this year.
  7. I love the Telstra ad also where the TV fails in the outback pub and the old mole gobs off..."Hey Barry...did ya check the fuse box"...pretty sure it must be Diddees latest" friend with benefits".
  8. With the way they are playing, the lack of onfield leadership, and a pair of mismatched halves...I cannot see a broncos win until possibly Round 13 on June 9 against the Titans. I hope I am wrong.
  9. Make that 5 times now, he showed zero commitment to make the game saving tackle last night. To his credit, he did show some aggression with the ball when in attack last night.
  10. Is that Gene Simmons of Kiss playing on the wing for the Tigpies tonight?
  11. Will the ARU have the guts to sack Israel Folou ? Given that their major sponsor is Qantas and the boss of Qantas is that little turd burglar Alan Joyce...will the ARU be dictated to by the Qantas boss to sack Israel. The World Cup is only 7 months away and Israel is our only real superstar that could threaten any opposition. If they sack him, I think he will go to Jap or Euro Rugby on massive money.
  12. sydgeoff


    Election now on May 18th.
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