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  1. I've heard the wives of each detest one other. Maybe thats affected the boys friendship too.
  2. Jacko's NRL debut was when he was at the Chooks against Souths. That game GI made a line break deep in Souths own half and he was away to score for all money..... until Mitchell Pearce chased him down and caught him. That was the moment I knew GI's best was behind him.
  3. That all said, it's an improvement that what we had dished up to us this time last year.
  4. That old mole that says that is the same old mole that sings "we're not gonna sit in silence" all alone after all the others suddenly stopped singing in that Hahn Superdry add.
  5. That Dragons try at the end could be a serious contender for Try of the Year. Raiders have done ok though I can't see them as serious contenders with that spine. Bottom half of the Top 8 spot awaits them methinks. Panthers look a rabble and have been disappointing.
  6. Never has there been a more soft cock fullback since Frenchman Puig Aubert in the '50's who was infamous for refusing to tackle because his team mates didn't tackle him beforehand Cunt refuses to put his body on the line when it counts. I've seen at least 4 occasions this season already (and I haven't seen all Broncos games) where he has let the ball carrier just stroll past him for a try. Young Osako is a FB in the making and Katoni Staggs to the wing.
  7. Boyd hates putting his body on the line. He'll pretend to go for the intercept every time rather than nail the ball carrier. Did it last night and did it in round 1 making Jesse Bromwich look good when he scored his try. Simple fact was Boyd had no intention of trying to tackle him, he just let Bromwich score
  8. Cowboys v Sharks could be a close one and I think Manly v Warriors could go either way, Manly weren't terrible against us last week.
  9. Its weird how a song comes out and you think "meh, its ok" and then think nothing more about it. Years roll by and then you suddenly hear it again and go "fuck that's a good song". this is one of those for me....
  10. Pangai Jnr - Freddy, give him his Blues jersey now. What a freakish display he put on last night. Scary stuff.
  11. Beattie has been nothing but an embarrassment since he started. Now that corrupt fucker Barry O'Farrell is running the West Tigers too. Maybe for a few more kickbacks he'll swiftly approve a third casino for Packer at the old Balmain leagues club.
  12. Mr Chook


    The new info released is interesting out about how Liberals ignored a report that only $18m was needed to upgrade Allianz and chose instead to spend $750m to knock it down and re build. Allianz was a good place to watch footy, I never really got why it needed to be destroyed. Seemed a waste of money to me.
  13. Long story but yes. I'm going to copy paste a post from someone elase on another site which nicely sums up the history of the underhand tactics Souiths have used over time. "Local Sydney league boundaries were based on local government boundaries when clubs were formed back in the early 20th century. Souths' boundaries were based on the municipalities of Redfern, Botany, Alexandria, Mascot and Waterloo, while the Roosters' boundaries were those of the eastern municipalities of Paddington, Woollahra, Vaucluse, Randwick and Waverley."Many of these councils have since amalgamated, as demographic changes affected the inner and eastern suburbs of Sydney. Randwick Council has a western boundary of Anzac Parade and incorporates all those eastern suburbs east of Anzac Parade, and these suburbs like Randwick, Coogee and Maroubra were all part of the Roosters' territory from 1908 to 1929. Does anyone living in those suburbs then or now not claim to live in the eastern suburbs?"But in 1929 a number of clubs led by Souths and Balmain helped change the NSWRL constitution so that instead of needing 75 per cent [of the vote] to remove a team from the competition, only 50 per cent was needed. Once the constitution was changed, Balmain, with Souths' help, moved to kick foundation club Glebe from the competition. Roosters fans can't miss the irony in this, given the events 70 years later."Soon after, these same clubs changed the constitution back, to protect themselves from future expulsion, so 75 per cent of the vote was again required to remove a club from the then NSWRL. As part of the deal to remove Glebe, Balmain took over Glebe's territory and Souths annexed that part of the Roosters territory east of Anzac Parade and south of Alison Road. The Roosters were as a result left without much of their natural territory, and a large future source of young talent. This was very relevant because for many years you needed to reside within your team's boundaries to play for that club."Souths won seven of their 21 premierships with a significant part of the Roosters' territory, while the residential rule was in place. Players that Souths have so resented playing for the Roosters, Ron Coote, Craig Wing and Braith Anasta, due to their alleged status as Souths juniors, did in fact play their junior football for clubs in the eastern suburbs, which was original Roosters territory, and should still be."Again in 1983 after Newtown were excluded from the competition, Souths were again all over the carcass of another foundation club, moving swiftly to grab Newtown's territory and denying the Roosters' attempts to reclaim its former territory as part of a much needed realignment of boundaries.
  14. Valid point about the corporate side of things. Tigers own Campbelltown/Liverpool ans still have a footing in the inner west from their Balmain days. The junior area is huge, no way would they give that up. Can't see any viable option other that Easts, Cronulla or Manly. Souths perhaps? They could then hand our juniors back they stole from us.
  15. Relocate a Sydney team to C/Coast would solve two problems at once. A stadium is already built and ready to go and a huge League following there too. Qustion is who and how would the fans react? Manly (Northern Eagles) tried but weren't really wanted by the locals when they played there . The "Bring Back the Bears" campaign was in full swing at the time and most Coasties would've preferred either North Sydney to make a return or have their own brand new team. The Roosters have had a partnership there for a number of years now with Wyong and now Woy Woy. They play there once a season and always got a good crowd to attend. Cronulla? They are surrounded by the Dragons catchment area with nowhere to expand to. A move could get them out of that predicament. The other Sydney teams moving don't really make any sense. Hate to say it but my Chooks probably makes the most sense. Personally, I'd still follow them if they did, I think most diehards would too. There would be a bit of a loss in numbers at first but I'm positive we'd gain more if the C/Coast community got on board.
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