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  1. Mr Chook

    Todays Observations

    My son loves that ad. Everytime it comes on he dances like the ranga laughing his head off.
  2. Mr Chook

    Player movements

    Mick Ennis joins Raiders coaching staff. Interesting choice, I'm sure the Raiders fans still freshly recall Ennis mocking them with his own Viking clap when the Sharkies won down there.
  3. Mr Chook

    Tennis - the Emperor's New Clothes?

    Same. Its why I don;t watch NRL on Ch9 anymore. Too much rubbish when Rabs & Gus get together.
  4. Mr Chook

    Players Behaving Badly

    Pretty sure ESL has backed the NRL here and banned him too.
  5. Mr Chook


    In the US there is this young Jewish fella, Ben Shapiro. He is fucking brilliant in a debate, he just has the ability to dismantle anyone who crosses him. Plenty of vids on You Tube of him touring college campuses and shutting down these millennial snowflakes who think the world should be handed to them on a platter. Some of them are gold. Many think he should make a Presidential run one day.
  6. Mr Chook

    Tennis - the Emperor's New Clothes?

    Watched a bit of the Oz Open this year. Ch9 coverage copped some flack. Some of the commentating, especially at the end of a match was cringe-worthy. There was a female commentator who had a few one liners she had worked on and saved up for when a particular player wins a match which were as bad as my dad jokes. Serena got her way into the semi's and the commentator trotted out as match point was won - "where there is a Williams there is a way" Young Aussie Alex Bolt won a match - "..and like a Bolt of Lightning he is through" Groan
  7. Mr Chook

    Players Behaving Badly

    yeah, we'll offload Tedesco for that hack. Barba apparently hit his missus at Townsville casino. Cops now looking into it.
  8. Mr Chook

    Todays Observations

    Thanks to the Jacko connection at Salford its the first time ever I'm keen for ESL to kick off this week. World Club Challenge for us is not far away either. Chomping at the bit...fuck the cricket off and get some footy on!!
  9. Mr Chook

    TV shows

    Murder Mountain was interesting on Netflix. Doco about Humbolt County in Northern California where about 70% of USA''s marijuana is grown. It's also got the highest rate of missing persons in the country. Hippie backpackers migrate there, get a job picking dope for the growers then when they ask to get paid and they vanish off the face of the earth.
  10. Mr Chook

    Classic matches

    Now that's interesting, at almost the exact same time I put that youtube vid on here the exact same vid was posted on the Everything Rugby League facebook page.
  11. Mr Chook

    Classic matches

    I love the week before too when Newtown took on Manly which had that infamous all-in brawl,
  12. Mr Chook

    Players Behaving Badly

    Sorry, I said to Geoff he doesn't play for the Chooks anymore, then saw Harry's post that the vids are apparently from a couple of years ago so i ndecided to delete it but it ended up like that. Carry on peeps.
  13. Mr Chook

    Players Behaving Badly

  14. Mr Chook

    TV shows

    Might give it a look. The missus & I have almost finished Sons of Anarchy - we have 1 season left. Medal of Honour was pretty good too. Hope someone makes a series on the Victoria Cross in the same way.
  15. Mr Chook

    Things Wrong with the World Today

    I guess mine would. If I have any brushes with the law it must be reported to the NSW Liquor & Gaming Authority. If I'm convicted of any offense I could lose my casino license. No license, no job. Now I have co workers who have been busted for DUI and have kept their jobs. High range or repeat offenders would almost certainly lose theirs however.