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  1. Quint

    Tennis - the Emperor's New Clothes?

    Pretty understandable considering her personal life and how she was forced into retirement through injury. Surely she would have had some depression and just ate shit she wasn't able to for her whole playing career. I read she got up to 120kg at one stage. For a chick of her small frame that's fucking huge!
  2. Quint

    World Cup

    Seems a bit harsh if he was getting good results and was well liked by the players. I fucking hate people who go out to ruin a good thing simply to suit their agenda. Jesus, it's been happening at Parramatta for the past decade.
  3. Quint

    Players Behaving Badly

    This is true, and it really isn't for me to judge. Cheers for pulling me up on that. I usually am thinking of the children in these situations (force of habit in my line of work) so anyone keeping a child around an abusive relationship sets off something in me. Barba is the piece of shit here. I agree with your post earlier that surely if there is video evidence of this assault then he can be prosecuted. I'm not sure how it works but do they need her to press charges against him if there is video evidence?
  4. Quint

    Players Behaving Badly

    He has done nothing wrong. He didn't even release the video to the press himself, some other cunt did it.
  5. Quint

    Players Behaving Badly

    I am not blaming her for getting beaten up. She should never be blamed for that. But this is not an isolated incident. She knows what kind of man he is (a complete fuckwit who beats up women) and yet she still chose to be with him. She chose to keep her kids around him. That's just stupidity. He is gone forever from the game now. He might get picked up by another ESL club again (then again who would want him?). Rugby? Did n't he try that once and was a failure? I can't remember. Hopefully he has to go and get a proper job now with whatever few life skills he possesses. I'm sure it's going to be just as enjoyable as earning hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a sport you love.
  6. Quint


    I don't really care. Actually I hope Gallen gets injured so badly he misses the next NRL season. That would be funny, and gives him a lesson not to go out and do a fucking boxing match when you are in the fucking preseason!
  7. Quint

    Tennis - the Emperor's New Clothes?

    There are very few really good sports commentators left in the world now. Most are rubbish. Especially in Australia.
  8. Quint


    Oh, he also thinks that homosexuality is a sin and that women should be forced to carry a baby to term even if it is the product of incest or rape. So, I'm not really a fan.
  9. Quint


    He's a man who thinks that the science which outlines climate change is "probably right", but thinks nothing should be done about it yet. I do agree with his view that Trump is a bully though, and applauded the way he resigned from that disgraceful 'news' site Breitbart because of their ultra-right-wing views and the way they ignored their own reporter who was physically assaulted by a Trump staffer.
  10. Quint

    Players Behaving Badly

    What a piece of shit. I'm still trying to figure out what his wife is thinking staying with a bloke like that after the last time. Is it his money? Is it for the kids? Is it because she thinks he might change? Or is she just scared to? Did her friends and family try and convince her to leave the prick? Did his friends?I would certainly hope so. If my best mate (or even my brother) beat up his wife I wouldn't hesitate to tell him he's a fuckwit, never see him again, and try to convince the wife to do the same. Greenberg knew what happened last time, and he didn't try and convince her to leave him? Instead he enabled the fuckwit by allowing him to use the mental illness excuse, let him skip out on rehab and have him playing footy again within a couple of weeks as if nothing ever happened.
  11. Quint

    Players Behaving Badly

    Well you would assume that his career is now over. At least in the NRL. What club would take him now? Hopefully Greenberg finally has the balls to ban him for life, especially after his "We are going to come down hard on these incidences from now on" speech. Or maybe he will write a glowing character reference to the courts pleading for him to get off the charge like he did with Inglis. Greenberg should hang his head in shame after this incident. He was the one enabling Barba back when he was at the Bulldogs. Barba bashes his missus (same one from this new incident as well) and Toddy says he has mental problems, takes him off to rehab...for one week! Then he's back playing footy again the week after.
  12. Quint

    Things Wrong with the World Today

    No, my job is not dependent on me having a licence. It is dependent on me not having a criminal record though. I might be able to argue to the court against a recorded conviction if it was a low-range DUI because of my job.
  13. Quint

    Tennis - the Emperor's New Clothes?

    I didn't listen to the interview. Just watched the presentation after the match. I usually can't stand those interviews, especially the ones held on court straight after the match.
  14. Quint

    TV shows

    She still looks pretty good for a woman who is a year shy of 50.
  15. Quint

    Players Behaving Badly

    Any idea on what the incident is?