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  1. Quint

    The Movie Thread

    The missus and I were able to get a babysitter and get out to the movies a couple of times over the last month (Woohoo). Got my fix of superhero movies with Captain Marvel and Shazam! I enjoyed the latter much more. Shazam was a lot of fun and had me enjoying myself for a couple of hours. It's pretty much every kid's fantasy - what if I turned into a superhero? 7 out of 10. Captain Marvel was quite bland and unforgettable. Not awful by any means, but definitely one of Marvel's worst efforts. I normally like Brie Larson but in this she just didn't seem to be putting in much effort in this. She just seemed bored through most of it. 4 out of 10.
  2. Quint

    The Movie Thread

    You're just watching the wrong movies then. There are plenty of great movies released every year, some of them mainstream and some of them not so well known. I love a lot of the old movies from decades ago, but I'm not about to say that there isn't anything good anymore because it just isn't true. Also remember that back in those days there was just as much rubbish released into cinemas as there is now (percentage-wise at least...there are many more movies released in total each year now). We just remember the good ones because they are the good ones.
  3. I was ok with what they were trying to do because I was sick of players and coaches taking advantage of the refs being lenient in the ruck and offsides. As shit as it was last season with all the penalties, I hated the way the game had become a wrestling slog with tacklers lying all over the ruck taking forever to get off, and standing 3-4 metres offside at every play-the-ball. It made for shitty boring footy. The refs needed to do something about it, but they may have gone a bit overboard at times. The games have started off pretty good in this regard this season, but it won't be long until the teams begin taking advantage of the leniency again. The refs will need to keep a close eye on it.
  4. Absolutely. Last year's refereeing interpretations killed the Eels (not as much as we killed ourselves, but still). The slower game and multiple penalties weren't a good fit for our small mobile forward pack which likes things to be more uptempo to wear down the opposition. This year the refereeing has helped us somewhat.
  5. I always remember this try from QLD where Inglis treats Steve Turner (his Melbourne teammate at the time) like a small child, shoving him to the ground and literally hurdling over him on his way to setting up the try. Not a great moment as a Blues fan, but still funny to watch.
  6. Mitchell Pearce has some deceptive speed, but yeah at his peak there's no way Inglis gets run down in that situation. And even if he was he would just shove them away and keep running. He never was the fastest player going around, but he was fast enough and had the strength to get past anyone.
  7. Quint


    I'm all for putting some money into regional areas for their sporting infrastructure, but there's no reason why both things couldn't be achieved. I don't see this as an 'either/or' situation.
  8. Nup. Smith and Cronk really do dislike one another quite a bit it seems. And it's been good watching Cronk get the better of Smith in their last two games, including the GF. Smith would be absolutely filthy about that. It was a good game last night. Brilliant field goal from Mitchell, and great set up by making it seem Cronk was going to get the ball. That's the advantage of having more than one player who can kick a field goal in your team. Watching the Roosters set up fort hat goal made the players in the Tigers/Broncos game last week look even more ridiculously stupid after they tried and failed several times to even set up for the FG properly despite getting good chances to.
  9. From what I have seen the refs have decided to let the games flow, with teams allowed to get away with some pretty grubby stuff. Plenty of offsides not being called, slow play-the-balls due to wrestling. This seems to be what people want though because the refs have been praised with the uptempo nature of quite a few of these games. The Eels have been in some of these fast games, and I have enjoyed them. If they keep this up I will be fine with it. The refs shouldn't get too comfortable though. There are still some pretty poor decisions being made out there, in particular forward passes being called/not being called, and some weird penalty try and sin bin calls as well.
  10. Quint

    The Movie Thread

    I don't really understand this statement. Are you saying they don't make movies like they used to on a technical level, because of course not. Improvements in film stock, computer animation, stuntwork and new innovations in acting, directing and screenwriting have moved the medium forward. Or are you saying that they just don't make good moves anymore? Because if so, that's just fucking rubbish.
  11. You will lose supporters initially. But over time you will gain back more than you originally had, in theory. It just takes some smart movements and intelligent marketing...which I know the NRL has been lacking in for a while now.
  12. I used to love that song. I'm not really into really heavy stuff but I really liked that album. Haven't heard it in ages.
  13. Plus without the vision in the change room we would have never gotten to see this fantastic piece of TV:
  14. I'm ok with it. I don't mind the fans getting some insight as to what happens in the sheds. There's no sound so you don't know what's being said, but I reckon that Tigers fans would have felt better seeing their coach rip into those players after that game.
  15. I don't think the problem is that he get drunk and passed out. It's more that he did it whilst recovering from an injury. That's a big no-no for NRL clubs. Alcohol inhibits the recovery process, so clubs ask players not to drink if they are injured. He did a little more than just have a couple of beers.
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