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  1. Over rated, grubby shit cunt.
  2. Revenge porn......LOLZ Almost as good as, grudge fuck.
  3. Poor old Ben ...forced to drive trucks to pay the bills.
  4. You'll see more of me once the footy starts. Other interests I have have taken priority for the moment over internet "chatting".......
  5. Battle of the shitcunts...comes as no surprise that Paul Gallen would win it.
  6. $25/mnth for the forum software. $20/yr for the domain.
  7. UFC is a different kettle of fish to boxing.......
  8. Pffft.....maybe that's how things work in your pussy whipped spineless household In my house, the man makes the decisions
  9. Mr Fourex


    Alan "blind owl" Wilson was what gave Canned Heat their edge. Without him they were just another delta blues boogie band....
  10. yeah.....I'm sure the Melbourne Storm are going to build a statue for one of their ex-players winning a GF for another club....against the .....Melbourne Storm.
  11. Geez the NSW fuckwit gene must be strong....poor ole Greg has worn the maroon jersey now for a decade and still can't shake it out of his system. 9am finds out he's the new Australian captain........gets on the piss all day to celebrate and then gets done in the afternoon for speeding and drink driving. nek minnit......he's kicked out of the team! FMD...
  12. Yep....I think Cordner said it best after game. "Best first half of footy we played all year." Melbourne never in it after that. Congrats Rooster fans.
  13. Spend the day at the beach.....you'll have more fun.
  14. Agreed.....don't even think I'll bother watching it.
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