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  1. farmduck


    I have no idea who's going to win. The last Labor Govt in NSW was such a mess - I think three of them went to jail - that I don't know if people are over that yet.
  2. farmduck


    NSW Govt finally got something right - online voting. I voted today and I just had to tick a box saying that on polling day I'd be too retarded to get to a polling booth. They send a text verification code and off you go.
  3. Howdy strangers, long time no see. Simple. The $1 hasn't gone anywhere. You've got a $97 shirt + $1 and you owe $98
  4. Jason Nightingale added to the list.
  5. If you listen to some of the Brexit scaremongers, all the Poms will be running out of food within 12 months.
  6. I was discussing Qld's Origin future on another site and I did a head count. Last round, only 61 Banana benders played in the NRL, out of 272 players. That includes a few playing less than 5 NRL games and a few retiring - Big 3, Lilyman, Thaiday - and a few already-reject Originers - McQueen, Guerra - so the cupboard looks rather bare for Kevin Walters. If a couple go to England and there are a few injuries, the 2019 Qld team might include Scott Bolton, Antonio Winterstein, Jason Bukuya etc.
  7. He's still doing better than my forum. I started mine about the same time as this and I've only had 4 non-me posts in the last 12 months. I still have 3 or 4 people go there regularly but they never post anything.
  8. The Storm have managed to sneak the signing of Albert Vete just before 30 June. Apparently they have 3 out for a long(ish) time. Bromwich, Finucane and Some Guy.
  9. farmduck


    Things that were ruined once everyone started doing them: Having sex with my wife.
  10. Kenny Edwards didn't fuck around. He's playing for Catalans Dragons right now.
  11. That Gagai drop/strip was a bit 50/50. I think it was Gagai's poor ball security but in NRL it would have been a penalty. I also wonder about Latrell's No Try. Why do the refs let them go back and play the ball when they've clearly lost the ball over the line. He let go of the ball so he could claim a try. I know it happens every week but it shouldn't. I wonder too if there was a bit of double movement in the Tom Turbo try - I would have given it because I thought there was some momentum but I think Munster did still have a hand on his leg so technically, it was a tackle.
  12. I dunno who to pick, I always forget someone. My team is usually, that guy, that other guy,no, not him, the other one. What about that guy that plays for whatsername? Ferguson? I'd probably pick Latrine Mitchell, Tom and Jake Turbo, Frizell, Cordner, Maloney. I'd pick others too but I can't think who they'd be.
  13. Fuck you!! Don't you mean, "Gave him the opportunity of a lifetime to spend more time in Blacktown?"
  14. It wiped out my duck picture too. I had to re-duck myself.
  15. The other day he said we need to have more games played at country venues like Toowoomba then in the very next sentence (or very soon after) he mentioned the capacity of the ground was 9,000. Yes, Blocker, why don't the Broncos move games to Toowomba?
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