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    The ARL/NRL could’ve had the number one code in the country years ago if they’d spent some money on expansion into the Bush in NSW and Qld. State and Federal govt. money would’ve followed the game into regional centres had the nrl spent some of that media money on expansion rather than leaving the country leagues to fend for themselves. Since the SL war, it would be interesting to see a breakdown where all the money has been going.
  2. Diddee

    The Movie Thread

    Mmmm. Not sure how to take this. Trouble is, how many modern movies will you go back and watch again, or go out and buy on DVD? So many new movies are epic watch and forget affairs, so full of CGI that if it wasn’t for the noise you’d just go to sleep. I’ll be honest and say the best movie I’ve seen this year was ‘A Star is Born’, and I’m still in shock about what happened in the story. The other good one I saw was on DVD on Friday - ‘Eddie the Eagle’. I don’t mind admitting I choked up a bit over that one.
  3. It was Inglis’ fault in carrying on in try celebrations, getting down on all fours and panting like a dog. Mitchell Pearce was always gonna go harder chasing that.
  4. Game of the year so far was Storm vs Roosters. Very, very good football. Roosters are still without Friend but gee they are impressive. The difference between Mitchell and other players, apart from his obvious talent, is his sheer willingness to try his hand. Would be hard pressed to see many players so cocky in trying that shot at field goal. Strom were good, but only got back into the game through capitalising on some Roosters lapses. The Roosters will know they need to work on their intensity for 80 minutes. I don’t buy into the tabloid NRL journalism but Smith doesn’t like Cronk very much does he?
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    Half these stadiums will be wiped out by rising sea levels anyway. Put some money into RL heartlands like Tamworth, Dubbo in NSW and central Queensland.
  6. Most effective kick he’s ever made
  7. Agreed. This time last year everyone was getting sin binned. You can’t say it is a fair comp when it is reffed so different one season to the next. I mean, different reffing suits different teams.
  8. Diddee

    The Movie Thread

    Mostly they don’t make movies with good character development these days. Most movies I watch, I couldn’t give a fuck about the main characters and can’t relate to what makes them tick, because there isn nothing there to work on.
  9. That is a very good question. Folau is an idiot, as are most Christians who interpret every word of the bible literally. I know some people who believe humanity is really only 5000 years old because of the story of Noah. They believe dinosaur bones are a hoax because god created the animal world, not evolution. Funny how Folau has tattoos though, when the bible has a passage against it - just the same as gay sex, where there is one passage supposedly against it. But Sydgeoff, you are on the money again. If it was a muslim player saying it, those feeling outraged would probably be getting accused of being culturally insensitive and persecuting them for their religious beliefs.
  10. Christ, imagine if you came forward in time from the 60's, 70's 80's or even early 90's and found out that Israel Folau was possibly getting dumped by the ARU for spouting Christian bible text beliefs about Gay people, adulterers etc. My how times have changed!
  11. Billy Moore and Luke Lewis touting Cameron Munster as next Qld Captain. Moore is just an idiot and Lewis is obviously trying to derail the Qld campaign. Cameron Munster is not leadership material, and I don't see him that good at team play. Michael Morgan on the other hand....
  12. I also thought he may be first coach sacked, but apparently Dragons have signed him up to an extended coaching deal. I'd be waiting until about August 31st to make a decision, as that is usually when the Dragon's show their true form and begin their slide out.
  13. Well maybe because both of them don't want to be there. It is pretty obvious to all that their attitude and commitment is down. I hope Boyd retires and then 10 years down the track he suddenly realises what opportunities he fucked up. You can't do the things in your 50's that you could do in your 20's and 30's. Can't go back, so make the most of it while it lasts.
  14. HoHoHo, James Roberts being linked to Souths under Bennett. Despite the denials, Roberts is not a happy camper. Some hilarious things on social media about Boyd wanting to join his 'dad' at Souths now that Inglis has retired.
  15. And the scary thing is that the older I go, the more I fear I'm going to have intercourse with someone you have had your poker in.
  16. Hard to say. I haven't seen the ad.
  17. Caught up on my replays from the weekend. Roosters skill level was phenomenal. Best Centre pairing in a long while - Mitchell and Manu.
  18. Well, most surprised by Manly and the Raiders so far. Dragons look okay but mid season finals ain’t a thing. Tigers have surprised a bit too. I have no clue about the Storm’s ability as I tipped them to be miserable this year. Roosters look the goods, but Souths not far behind.
  19. Greg Inglis announces his retirement from the game, effective immediately. No doubt one of the great players of the code. Injuries said to have caught up with Inglis, and the expected wear and tear on his body should he continue playing, being a major factor. Inglis stressed that it wasn't due to 'mental health'. Bennett supposedly concerned about Inglis needing to have pain killers to continue playing. I must say it was surprising when he had a media announcement of his exit date of the end of 2020 earlier this year. That had all the hallmarks of someone prematurely thinking about the end.
  20. Haha, so true.....
  21. One Queensland team got up last night, but fucked if anyone predicted it. Broncos are terrible despite the cattle they have. Cowboys also look decent on paper but can’t seem to maintain pressure.
  22. Diddee


    Thank fuck for that.
  23. Living in an AFL dominated state I've said this before but I'll say it again: This is the difference between NRL and AFL - the media reporting on AFL tend not to bite the hand that feeds them, while media reporting on NRL are like vultures and leeches trying suck dry a carcass.
  24. Typical Bronco - just lazy
  25. Brett Seymour's ex in the news alleging he repeatedly bashed her, had gambling and alcohol issues. He's denied it and says it should be dealt with through the proper channels.
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