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  1. Diddee

    Todays Observations

    You crack me up Sydgeoff. Havent seen that one yet, but no, it ain’t me. Pretty sure it is Quint.
  2. Diddee

    Player movements

    Come now Mr Chook. I’m sure you’ve given plenty of opposition supporters the clap in your time. All’s fair in love and war.
  3. Diddee

    Classic matches

    I enjoyed this. A history of the game in the ‘90’s
  4. Diddee

    Players Behaving Badly

    Lots of media around NRL ‘off season from hell’. Seems to me, the main people promoting this idea are the media and the NRL itself. How Greenberg isn’t charged with damaging the game, I’ll never know. All of his big talk is dragging the NRL through the gutter, when he should be promoting a more balanced view.
  5. Diddee

    This forum is now sold - Watch this space

    Hey mate, we’ve missed you. Hope all is okay. obviously you’re planning something different this year.
  6. Diddee


    Well, she’s all over folks. Gallen knocked Hoppa out in the second round. Absolute fizzier, but at least it was for charity. Justin Hodges won his bout too apparently. Gallen expressed his gratitude to Nate Myles for the punching bag training, while Hodges thanked the entire NSW Origin team for increasing his foot speed when someone shapes up to him.
  7. Diddee


    Really surprised Gallen is going around again in NRL. I don't think he'll do much this season. He looked shot last year. Anyway, I'm still expecting something like a brain explosion from Hopoate. If you look at Hopoate's career, he could have been mentioned up there with RL good company if he hadn't become a total degenerate at the Tigers.
  8. Diddee

    Tennis - the Emperor's New Clothes?

    Of course commentators can have an opinion, but it is my personal preference that they don't dribble on, interfering with describing the play. Look at Richie Benaud. He held back talking about everything but the cricket being played before him, but when he did make a comment on something, people took notice. Modern commentators talk too much about everything but the game, and it just wastes people's time, and is quickly forgotten.
  9. Diddee

    Players Behaving Badly

    Not picking you up on anything, chances are that if this is his behaviour in public, imagine what it might be like behind closed doors. And yes, the kids are the poor bastards in this. I thought police could issue an order even if the victim refused. Still pretty bad that not one person in the outraged world is saying it is a criminal offence that should be referred to police. Poor voiceless, invisible kids.
  10. Diddee

    Players Behaving Badly

    Well, we don’t really know what goes on in their relationship. I read somewhere that it takes a woman on average 11 attempts to successfully leave a violent and controlling relationship in Australia. Barba signed a 2.5 mil deal with Toulon in French Rugby, But was axed after less than 100 minutes of game time. I think it was more about the club facing relegation and needing to overhaul dumb decisions, rather than anything about Barba.
  11. Diddee


    Gallen vs Hopoate Fair to say this is NRL bad boy stuff gone mad. Charity match, and they’ll all be lovey doves and respect afterwards. They have tried to hype it up, and I must say Hoppa is desperate to reclaim some fame for himself. Any fame. In an age of any news is good news, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hoppa deliberately goes the finger up Gallen’s Butt, or even tries to chomp an ear or something. Watched all the hype unfolded in the lead up and I’m convinced Hoppa is mad as a cut snake. What’s your thoughts and predictions here guys?
  12. Diddee

    Players Behaving Badly

    I still think it is ridiculous the nrl are contemplating action against Napa. Charge of damaging the game. My arse. He’s kept the nrl alive over the off season.
  13. Diddee

    Players Behaving Badly

    Big Papi (Napa) breaks his silence and says he has learnt his lesson. hopes it will help prevent other players making the same mistake. Only one question remains in my mind. Where do you find these willing chicks?
  14. Diddee

    Players Behaving Badly

    No. There are many kinds of mental illness, and someone who doesn’t learn from big mistakes, I would classify as being a few Roos short in the top paddock. Barba and his missus.