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  1. Farewell old site. It has been fun, but sorry to hear about your untimely demise. Some real characters on here, some true blue champion blokes. I might call back from time to time to look for signs of life, but for now I say goodbye.
  2. Diddee


    Its origin time and Sheila the official QLD prostitute is running a special, if you can guess the two Queensland players tattooed on her body your nookie is free of charge. So a man takes up her offer, old Sheila hikes up her skirt revealing two thighs with faces on them. The man says, "On the left, balding and a great stache, thats Wally the King, and on the right thigh is old mate Johnathan Thurston with his headgear. And the middle, fat lips and an afro... its gotta be Sam Thaiday"
  3. Diddee


    Trent Robinson is getting worried about his team's recent poor form against Wayne Bennett. He just can't understand it, the Roosters are one of the biggest clubs in NSW, have all the best players etc, but every time they play Bennett's teams, they get beaten. So Trent Robinson gives Bennett a call and explains his problem. Wayne is very understanding and invites Robbo down to watch his team training. So Robinson turns up in Souths and spends a day watching the Rabbits players. At the end of the training session he says to Wayne: "I still don't understand, we seem to do all the same things in training that you do, but you still beat us all the time". "Ah" says Mr Bennett. "I don't think its anything to do with the training. I think its because my players are more intelligent than yours". Trent looks a bit pissed and asks Wayne "What the hell do you mean by that?". "Well" says Bennett, "We also train our boys in lateral thinking". To demonstrate his point he calls over Sam Burgess. "Sam, here's a problem for you. He's your father's son, but he's not your brother; who is he?". "That's easy" says Sam, It's me." "Correct" says Bennett. Trent Robinson is very impressed. He goes back to the Eastern Suburbs and next day in training he calls over Jake Friend. "Jake, I've been talking to Wayne Bennett and he reckons his players are more intelligent than ours". "He's taking the piss, Boss", is Friend's considered reply. "OK", says Robbo, "I've got a question for you. He's your father's son, but he's not your brother. Who is he?" Friend looks blank and replies "Need some time to think about this one boss, can I tell you tomorrow?" Trent Robinson agrees and Friend goes home thinking about the problem. He asks his girlfriend, but she hasn't a clue what he's talking about. He eventually decides to give his old mate Blake Ferguson a call, thinking that as Fergo used to play for the Sharks, maybe he will understand. "Hey Fergo, it's Jake. I've got a question for you. He's your father's son, but he's not your brother. Who is he?". "That's easy", says Fergo, "Its me". So Jake Friend calls over Trent Robinson the next day in training and says "Morning Boss, I've got the answer to that question" "OK. What is it?" asks Robbo. "It's Blake Ferguson" replies the confident Friend. "You stupid bastard" shouts Robinson, "Its NOT Fergo...It's Sam Burgess!"
  4. Queensland Maroons Game II 1 Kalyn Ponga 2 Corey Oates 3 Michael Morgan 4 Will Chambers 5 Dane Gagai 6 Cameron Munster 7 Daly Cherry-Evans (C) 8 Dylan Napa 9 Ben Hunt 10 Josh Papalii 11 Felise Kaufusi 12 Matt Gillett 13 Josh McGuire 14 Moses Mbye 15 Jarrod Wallace 16 Tim Glasby 17 David Fafita 18 Christian Welch 19 Edrick Lee* 20 Corey Norman *Edrick Lee out due to injury
  5. Darius calls dumbest play of the season so far... https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/broncos-miss-inexplicable-penalty-shot-against-eels-in-early-favourite-for-dumbest-play-of-the-season/news-story/fe2cbd94c7c2b10980cb43a8cc4fc4df
  6. .....my sincerest apologies.
  7. Wade Graham and Tarim Sims are a good pairing. Both share the honour of losing games for NSW with brain explosion plays.
  8. ....meanwhile, Kevvie Walters is changing all game plans to direct attack towards Ferguson’s wing.
  9. Tom T and Wighton have better form in NRL. Walker got trumped by Maloney taking the reigns for Penrith, and making Cleary look half decent.
  10. NSW Origin II team 1) James Tedesco 2) Josh Addo-Carr 3) Tom Trbojevic 4) Jack Wighton 5) Blake Ferguson 6) James Maloney 7) Nathan Cleary 8) Daniel Saifiti 9) Damien Cook 10) Paul Vaughan 11) Tyson Frizell 12) Boyd Cordner (C) 13) Jake Trbojevic Interchange 14) Dale Finucane 15) Tariq Sims 16) Cameron Murray 17) Wade Graham
  11. Huh? What does the SS stand for?
  12. Well I reckon someone just has it in for special schools.
  13. Bugger this sticking with players thing. I want a return to the days when sides were picked on current form, and selection was seen as fair reward for effort. Sure, some guys might only play one or two games, but they can at least say that at the time, they earnt the right to be there. GONE Cleary Mitchell Walker Crichton Vaughan Haas Wighton
  14. Haha 😂 this made me laugh. Didn’t NSW supporters say the same thing about Wally Lewis back in the day?
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