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    Players Behaving Badly

    Yeah, the poor cunt! If you or I had his record of drugs and abuse of women, I bet we wouldn't even have a job driving trucks.
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    Todays Observations

    Is this you Diddee ?
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    Todays Observations

    A Greek immigrant who went to Britain because he was exiled from his own country when he was one year old. He served in the British Navy for 13 years, including during WW2. I know it's just a joke, but to label him as simply a Greek immigrant is a bit shit to someone who served the British people during wartime. Living off State benefits? The Royal family are rich because they own shitloads of land. The Government and the people just pay them in order to use this land. So when I constantly hear people say that the British Royal family are just a bunch of freeloaders living off Government money, they don't actually realise that the Royals could be getting a shitload more money if they wanted to by taking back their land and jacking up the rent. This video explains it pretty well:
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