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    Mr Chook

    Queensland Origin 2019

    Moses Mbye? Scraping the bottom of the barrell there. I was expecting Jake Granville at 9 with Hunt at 14, each to their own I suppose. Morgan at 3 is interesting. Kyle Feltd not good enough? Then you could've had Chambers & Gagai at centre. Arrow & DCE will have question marks over their fitness. Ponga at #1 terrifies me. That kid is incredible.
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    Mr Chook

    State of Origin Blues 2019

    Turned out Cleary was just about the only un-injured half back left in consideration. With Keary ruled out Walker was the logical choice. Will be interesting to see if him and Latrell together can strike up a dangerous combo. Crichton should consider himself lucky to retain his spot - I think he's been just average for us this year. T Sims is unlucky to have been dropped, he has been the better back rower between the two. Happy Payne Haas got a run, that kids a beast and should be in the squad for the next 10 years at least. Josh Morris is a smart pick. Known as a great defensive centre, which we need to try and contain Ponga down that right side. Cotric knocked on the door last year so glad to see he got the nod. It also proves Ferguson will never get picked again after his in-camp fuck up with Dugan in 2017 and then failing to turn up to an Origin camp in the off season this year. Shame really because form-wise, Fergo is the best winger in the comp. Jack Wighton was a surprise for me. Thought Radley was a bigger chance as the utility. Not really sure how Fittler is going to inject Wighton into the game unless someone gets hurt. Radley would've got more minutes being used in the forward rotation.
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